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Wedding Features

Consultation: Meeting one-on-one to discuss your needs to create the best strategy for your event.

Lighting Design: Creating the best light show and ambient reflection for your special day.

Music Library: Having access to well over 100,000 songs finding the best songs for your event.

Playlist Creation: Ability to create the perfect playlist for your wedding.

Professional MC: Master of the Mic, with a flow so smooth to make announcements for everyone to be entertained for your event.

Best Equipment: Having the best sound and lighting equipment around for the best performance.

Sound Check and Setup: Everything is double, and triple checked to make sure everything is working properly the day of the event.

Experienced Technicians: The ability to solve any problem that may arise with years of experience.

Backup Equipment: To ensure that there is no Technical Glitches during your special day.

The No-no list: The music or genres that will not be allowed.

Background Music: Having enjoyable background music during dinner or low-key periods throughout.

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